Case Study: Creating an Employee Experience Strategy

Paradox Consulting Partners defined the employee value proposition and developed an employee experience strategy for global technology company.

Case Study: Conducting an HR Function Assessment

Paradox Consulting Partners conducted an assessment of an HR function to enhance value and improve customer service provided by the function.

Case Study: Developing an Executive Succession Plan

Paradox Consulting Partners developed an executive succession plan for a technology services NGO.

Case Study: Designing Equitable Processes

Paradox Consulting Partners redesigned a grant-making process to be more equitable and align disparate decision makers on the new strategy.

Case Study: Increasing Pay and Career Transparency

Paradox Consulting Partners updated a total rewards program to increase pay and career transparency.

Case Study: Aligning an Executive Leadership Team

Paradox Consulting Partners helped an executive leadership team align on challenges, solutions, and effective operations to move forward.

Case Study: Developing a Strategic Plan

Paradox Consulting Partners facilitated a strategic planning offsite that transformed long-term thinking into actionable goals and tactics.

Case Study: Developing a Global DEI Strategy

Paradox Consulting Partners developed a DEI strategy for a global logistics company.

Case Study: Empowering Employee Growth & Development

Paradox Consulting Partners enabled managers and employees to discuss career development in a way that supported greater internal career mobility and employee retention.