• Introducing Our Summertime Design Series

    Half-day interactive workshops to engage and invigorate your team

    and guide you through fast-paced design

    Refresh Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    An EVP states all the value an employee receives from the organization in exchange for the what they bring to their work. A unique, compelling EVP improves retention and engagement.

    Workshop Agenda:

    • Introduce new EVP model to reflect the changing nature of work
    • Capture the great things about working at your organization
    • Translate themes into a working draft of your company’s EVP
    • Complete honest reflection of the current EVP 
    • Identify short-term wins and path forward

    Jumpstart Your Career Framework Design

    A Career Framework is an essential tool to support employee growth and development. It provides the blueprint for when employee preparation meets business opportunity.


    Workshop Agenda:

    • Introduce career frameworks
    • Take stock of current state of career development within organization
    • Draft career philosophy statement
    • Pick a career framework design to build
    • Create a roadmap for customizing and implementing the career framework
    • Identify short-term wins and path forward

    Ignite Equitable Business & Talent Systems

    Equitable organizations are fair, trustworthy, and enable opportunities for all employees to thrive. We take a systems approach to embed equitable practices throughout the business and talent processes.

    Workshop Agenda:

    • Introduce action-oriented equity framework
    • Understand how to apply the equity framework to business and talent processes
    • Hands-on redesign of one business or talent process using equity framework
    • Introduce the equity scorecard
    • Identify short-term wins and path forward

    For Each Workshop, You'll Walk Away With:

    • An understanding of latest trends and models
    • Honest reflection on the current opportunities
    • Initial solution design
    • Clear path forward for next steps