Organization change requires new processes, structures, and systems, along with a shift in mindset. Our approach is to lead with process, which reshapes mindsets and changes culture over time.

Our proven consulting process begins successful implementation from day one by managing and communicating change throughout the engagement. We set your team up for ongoing success by building accountability and continuous improvement into our deliverables.

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Organization Performance

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We design solutions that enable your organization and people to perform at their best. When all components of The Paradox Work SystemTM are aligned and operating effectively, organizations can reach their full potential for growth and impact.

Unified Vision: There is a strong foundation that keeps people moving in the same direction and working together even when things get tough.

✔ Clear Goals: There is a clear strategy and measures of success. People know how they impact both.

✔ Engaged Talent: Talent wants to work at your organization and contribute fully.

✔ Productive Processes: People have the information and resources they need to be productive (i.e., efficient, innovative, and effective)

“The work your team did helped us move the needle and make progress on our larger org initiative.”
— Human Resources, Biotechnology industry

Paradox Work System™

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Work Functions

Goal Setting


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Talent Strategy

Total Rewards

Performance Expectations

Growth & Development

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Job & Team Design

Communication & Information Sharing


Processes & Tools

Employee Experience

The Paradox Employee Experience Model™ applies a human-centered approach to talent attraction, retention, and engagement. The model is based on academic psychologists’ research about what humans need to thrive and applies this to the employee experience. We design a strategy for a compelling experience for the talent you need to achieve growth and impact.

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The meaning you receive from this organization’s vision for the future and the impact of your work


The identity and belonging you receive by joining this organization of people


The security and future growth prospects you can expect from your experience with this organization


The control and influence you have over your own success and this organization’s success

“Your leadership and guidance through this process has been so important, and I believe it’s going to lead to some much needed progress”
— Business Operations leader, Global logistics company

Equitable Processes

Processes and systems that are fair and just for everyone enable individuals and organizations to succeed. We apply The Paradox Equitable Process Framework™ to all of the process design work we do because we think it’s critical to question what’s always been done and do it better. This framework helps challenge assumptions and redesign both talent and business processes to be fair for everyone, which increases talent and business results.

The five components of the framework are Remove Bias, Equal Access, Diverse Input, Consistent Application, Flexibility, and Transparent Assessment. When your team learns to evaluate and design processes through this lens, equitable operations are embedded into your business.


Staff Augmentation

We know that the work doesn’t pause while you’re ramping up, especially during a growth phase. To get you over this hump, Paradox provides staff augmentation especially in the areas of human resources, organization development, and people operations to support your team’s bandwidth, while new processes and systems are put in place. We become a member of your team and make sure projects critically important to your growth get completed so that you and your people have the time and energy to focus where they are needed most.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Through a collaboration with Cockerham & Associates, LLC, we help our clients integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into their organization culture, business strategy, and talent practices. Cockerham & Associates has deep expertise in DEI strategy development, Employee Resource Group (ERG) operations and governance, and sustainable culture change. In addition, their proprietary technology solutions monitor DEI and ERG activities and outcomes, supporting accountability through transparent reporting and review.

Be a high-performing, great place for all to work.