We resolve organization and talent constraints that limit business's ability to achieve growth and impact.
    Our services span four requisites for organizations to reach their potential:
    Clear Vision and Strategy, Engaged Talent, Productive Culture, Efficient Work Processes


    Our primary methods of engagement are:

    • Program Design, Implementation, and Delivery
    • Organization, Team, and Individual Assessments
    • Strategy or Planning Session Facilitation
    • Workshop Development and Delivery


    Some of the ways we help organizations be productive and enable innovation:

    Talent Strategy and Goals

    Why are people really coming, or not coming, to work at your organization? What do you want the reasons to be? Are your rewards (monetary, perks, learning opportunities, career growth, flexibility, work culture) aligned with the people you need? Are you retaining, growing, and promoting the people you need for your organization to be successful? Are you being honest with yourself about why people are leaving and what you are doing about it? Is leadership aligned on the strategy for recruiting and developing employees? Many organizations have not clearly mapped out their talent strategy alongside their business strategy. We help identify the skills and competencies of successful employees at your organization, describe the talent you will need to execute your projected growth, and develop a strategy for attracting, engaging, developing, and retaining these people.


    Sample Deliverables:

    • Clearly articulated talent strategy including any differentiation among business units and jobs

    • Identification of successful competencies at the organization and alignment with recruitment, development, and retention at different career stages

    • Alignment of goals at organization, departmental, and individual level to drive overall business strategy

    • Adjustments to recruiting and retention programs to meet talent objectives, including diversity goals

    Program Design and Implementation

    Is your organization structured in a way that supports the business strategy? Are components of your talent management program integrated in a complementary way? Does your performance feedback program support the culture you want to create? Are expectations and opportunities for career development clear to employees and managers?


    We work with organizations to translate talent strategy into tangible programs. We help create and connect different pieces of the program to support achievement of your talent goals. We design programs with a longer view in mind, which have flexibility as organizations change. We support talent programs from design to initial implementation to continued enhancement.


    Sample Deliverables:

    • Design and delivery of comprehensive talent programs, ranging from recruitment to development to succession planning

    • Definition of career pathways within and across organizational functions

    • Organizational design or redesign

    • Development of compensation and performance effectiveness programs

    • Creation and implementation of manager and leadership development programs

    Culture of Innovation

    Most organizations begin with a culture of innovation. How else do new ideas gain traction and grow? As success continues and organizations grow larger, it becomes necessary to place more structure and consistency around processes, work, and people. How do you integrate more consistency and structure while maintaining a culture of innovation? How about maintaining a culture of innovation when business is not doing well? Too often we have seen organizations struggling with a business challenge move into survival mode and create an environment that bleeds talent, shuts down creative ideas, and quickly slides into a downward spiral. Building and maintaining a culture of innovation starts with leadership and permeates all the people processes and culture of an organization. We help organizations identify and develop long-term systemic adjustments to make this a sustainable reality.


    Sample Deliverables:

    • Development of core organizational values to set foundation to build culture

    • Utilization of engagement surveys to identify and establish priorities to build a productive culture

    • Identification of organization bottlenecks in the communication of new ideas and plan for opening up the channels

    • Development programs to increase management and leadership’s enablement of innovation

    Effective Workflow and Processes

    While talent strategy and program design are key to building a productive culture, good intentions can often be lost when it comes down to execution. How is the work really getting done within the newly designed function? Is everyone clear on their new roles? Are there opportunities to improve existing processes? Is there an effective communication flow to translate strategy into action? We want to maximize the impact of your talent strategy and programs so every day activities are reinforcing a productive culture. We identify often overlooked aspects of the organization's inner-workings to promote effectiveness and productivity.


    Sample Deliverables:

    • Work process design or redesign and documentation

    • Development of strategic communication flow

    • Design of effective operating models