We engage with clients through a variety of ways including:

    • Program Design and Delivery
    • Workshop Facilitation
    • Keynote Speaking


    Some of the ways we help organizations be productive and enable innovation:

    A Sample of Our Client Deliverables

    • Clearly articulated talent strategy including any differentiation among business units and jobs
    • Design and delivery of comprehensive talent programs, ranging from recruitment to development to succession planning

    • Identification of successful core organizational values and competencies and alignment with recruitment, development, and retention at different career stages

    • Adjustments to recruiting and retention programs to meet talent objectives, including diversity goals

    • Definition of career pathways within and across organizational functions

    • Organizational design or redesign

    • Development of compensation and performance effectiveness programs

    • Creation and implementation of manager and leadership development programs

    • Utilization of engagement surveys to identify and establish priorities to build a productive culture

    • Work process design or redesign and documentation

    • Design of effective operating models


    We facilitate half-day to multi-day workshops on specific topics such as:

    • Alignment of goals at organization, departmental, and individual level to drive overall business strategy
    • Road-mapping sessions to prioritize key initiatives and resources
    • Values creation and integration sessions
    • Career development workshops for employees, managers, and leaders

    We speak on topics centered on the following:

    • Women in Leadership
    • Creating Kind & Equitable Organizations
    • Career Growth & Development
    • Re-Inventing the Employee Value Proposition