We work across a wide range of industries, focusing on organizations who value innovation and care about their impact on the world.

    Life Sciences

    Innovating for the Future

    Whether it's discovering and developing a rare disease therapy, designing and engineering a medical device to improve patient outcomes, or researching and manufacturing eco-friendly products or modifications to improve crop resistance, you are focused on innovation and science. We understand the regulatory and operational complexities of your industry. Our services include optimizing organization design, defining core capabilities for growth and scale, and creating a magnetic company culture to attract and retain top talent.


    Sustained Competitive Advantage

    In today’s market, competition can rise swiftly and the rules of the game can change even faster. Everyone is trying to win with data. Data is meaningless without people that can use the information and without an organization that can adapt, innovate and act quickly. Our services include talent strategy, operating model (i.e., how the work gets done), employee engagement, and sales organization optimization.

    Growth Stage Companies

    Beating the Odds

    Securing funding and building an excellent product are top priorities. Meanwhile, investors recommend hiring for growth and place significant value on the people and organization you have put in place. We are people experts. Our services include defining organizational values and culture to attract and retain the talent you need, talent planning to reach your milestone targets on time, and formalization of people processes, as you grow.

    Non-profit Organizations

    Freedom to Dream

    While your output is focused on impact versus profit, you are a business. You need sustainable resources in order to accomplish your work. At the same time, non-profits can be scrutinized for the investments they make and may have a funding pipeline that is shorter than desired. No business can scale without exceptional talent and financial resources. Our services include Board engagement, strategic planning, talent planning, process design and technology enablement, and earned income strategies.