• Sample Client Work

    Examples of Paradox projects

    Unified Vision

    Embedding Company Vision and Values for Long-term Change

    As part of a strategic change effort, a technology company set a new vision and refreshed its company values. While this was a critical first step, they needed help embedding these change efforts into the organization and translating the words of the new vision into action. Paradox’s approach began with a collaborative facilitated process to describe how the values were demonstrated by people at different levels and functions of the organization. Once the employee behaviors were clearly defined and understood, we then redesigned organization and people processes to incorporate and reinforce the new vision and values throughout the employee life cycle. Paradox layered its talent equity framework onto the process and program redesign, which further promoted employee commitment and trust in the new organization. As a result, the company culture shifted towards increased accountability, innovation, and learning, which directly impacted the company’s long-term resilience and growth.

    Clear Goals

    Turning Strategy into Action

    Paradox helped a large nonprofit organization turn its new strategic plan into action through goal setting, measurement, and accountability. We first worked collaboratively with leadership to develop organization-wide expectations around goal setting and accountability, which included standards for the goal framework, process, measurement, transparency, and links to rewards. We developed and conducted training for the organization on the goal setting process and program and then supported any struggling areas with facilitated goal setting sessions. The result was a clear and efficient process for goal setting and a consistent approach for evaluation and measurement that was incorporated into the organization’s current processes and operations. The organization continued to implement the goal setting and measurement process during each year of the strategic plan.

    Engaged Talent

    Solving Turnover and Attracting Top Talent

    When the ownership and investment structure of a life sciences company changed, the value proposition for employees also changed almost over night. As a result, the company was experiencing higher than desired turnover and struggling to attract strong technical talent, which was critical to its growth and profitability. Paradox used its proprietary “Employee Value Proposition” model that describes what people need to thrive in the workplace to identify the current strengths and weaknesses for the organization. We then conducted a gap analysis between the current state and the visionary future state. Paradox prioritized the opportunities in the model that would make the biggest difference to top talent attraction and retention and were also feasible for the company to implement over time. The result was a stronger and clearer value proposition for talent recruitment and more engaged and committed employees.

    Productive Processes

    Increasing Team Effectiveness through Organization and Process Redesign

    Paradox conducted an assessment of a large functional area that was struggling to operate effectively. The assessment concluded that the challenges were more tactical in nature and caused by inefficient processes and outdated technology that was bottlenecking information needed by the rest of the organization. This was causing people in the function to be overwhelmed and contributing to uncooperative, siloed behavior. Our recommendations included organization restructuring, process redesign, training, and communication with a phased in implementation plan over a few years. Paradox continued to be engaged to help implement the recommendations, which included outlining process steps, accountability, and supporting tools for use both within and outside the department to improve work flow, communication, and decision making. The result was happier employees, more efficient operations, and increased collaboration among departments.