Our Capabilities

We align talent strategy with business strategy to create high-performing, great places for all to work. 

Organizations are positioned to be high-performing, great places for all to work when there is a strong why, clear strategy, committed people, and productive culture. We design the strategies, processes, and systems that enable this to happen.

Purpose &

  • Vision & Mission
  • Values
  • Culture Change
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Community Engagement


  • Strategic Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Metrics
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • DEI Strategy


  • Employee Experience
  • Total Rewards
  • Pay Transparency
  • Career Paths
  • Talent Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Manager Development


  • Organization Structure
  • Team & Job Design
  • Operating Model
  • Communication & Information Sharing
  • Process & System Design
  • Equitable Processes
  • Team Productivity

Team Facilitation

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We design and facilitate custom offsites and workshops that bring team members together to connect with one another, build alignment, and gain momentum toward goals.

Outcomes and Deliverables:

 Pre-event planning and communications

✔ Co-designed, custom agenda

✔ Branded meeting materials

✔ Post-event communications and follow-up

While all of our facilitation services are custom-designed to fit your organization's specific needs, examples of our more common facilitated experiences include:

Developing mission, vision, and/or purpose  

Discovering and defining values and operating principles  

✔ Establishing strategic annual or quarterly goals 

✔ Designing equitable processes  

✔ Improving team communication and productivity 

“Our whole culture has changed. (Instead of competing for talent) now people want to come work for us.”
— President, investment industry

Consulting Projects

We partner with you to design the structures, processes, and systems to enable your organization and people to perform at their best.  

All of our consulting services are custom-designed to fit your organization’s specific needs and culture. For example, clients have utilized our services to implement cultural transformation, revamp operational systems, and create more equitable and productive processes. 

Outcomes and Deliverables

 Detailed project roadmap and start-to-finish, hands-on project management

✔ Customized organizational assessment 

✔ Insights report with quantitative and qualitative data analysis

✔ Guiding design principles and strategy alignment

Prioritization of solution-options to align with business goals

✔ Custom-designed solutions such as strategies, processes, structures, and tools

✔ Internal communications plan and messaging recommendations

✔ Facilitated organization decision-making and progress metrics

✔ Implementation plan and guidance

“Your leadership and guidance through this process has been so important, and I believe it’s going to lead to some much needed progress”
— Business Operations leader, Global logistics company

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Consulting in action:

Training & Development

We design and lead virtual or in-person learning experiences that help your employees gain the skills they need to take your organization to the next level.  


Outcomes and Deliverables: 

  • Pre-assessment to measure learners’ knowledge, skills and attitudes 
  • Co-designed, custom program agenda 
  • Detailed, branded learning materials  
  • Facilitated sessions led by industry thought leaders and experts  
  • Post-assessment to measure learning outcomes and application of content 
  • Curated follow-up materials and resources 


While all of our training and development services are custom designed to fit your organization’s specific needs, examples of our more common training and development offerings include: 

  • High Potential Leadership Development Programs 
  • New Leader or Manager Development Programs 
  • Skill-Building Trainings on topics such as Giving & Receiving Feedback, Career Conversations, Job Crafting, Psychological Safety, and more. 
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Paradox Consulting partners icon, which is an arrow made of a series of dots in orange, teal, blue, and navy

Training & Development in action:

Our Approach

Our proven four-phase process begins with successful implementation from day one by managing and communicating change throughout the engagement. 

We set your team up for ongoing success by building accountability and continuous improvement into our deliverables. 

Image of consulting process: Align, discover, design, measure.

Be a high-performing, great place for all to work.