About Us

Paradox Consulting Partners is a management consulting company located in the Research Triangle of NC. We align talent strategy with business strategy to create high-performing, great places for all to work.

Why Paradox?

A Paradox occurs when two seemingly contradictory ideas are held in mutual existence. Some of the best solutions occur when we free ourselves from constraints and reimagine the possibilities. At Paradox Consulting Partners, we strive for creative solutions by removing barriers and asking ourselves, “Why not?”

Paradox Consulting partners icon, which is an arrow made of a series of dots in orange, teal, blue, and navy

Profit and making the world a better place can seem like a paradox, but we believe that heart and business can and should coexist. We are business people first, but we believe that sustainable business growth requires being intentional about our impact on the world around us. Profit enables us to do good and doing good informs our source of profit. This tension keeps us on our toes and continually challenges us to grow and improve the way we do our work. We try to exist intentionally in this space and help others to navigate this tension in their own organizations.

In confirmation of our commitment to use business as a force for good, Paradox became a Certified B Corporation® in June 2019. There are more than 4,000 Certified B Corporations in over 150 industries and 70 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business. We are women-owned and certified as a North Carolina HUB. Find out more about Certified B Corporations.

Our Values

Individual Success & Community

Positive change occurs through the collective actions of individual people. Everyone needs opportunities to develop, grow, and achieve. Operating in the collective best interest includes facilitating these opportunities and celebrating individual achievement.

Humility & Boldness

Everyone sees through their own lens of experience, personality, and knowledge. These diverse perspectives are necessary for minimizing blind spots and uncovering great ideas. We only learn from one another by voicing our thoughts and speaking the truth.

Thinking & Doing

We must act thoughtfully to create positive impact. Thinking without doing is futile, and doing without thinking misses opportunity. Sometimes we need to just stop doing and think, and sometimes we need to just stop thinking and do.

Gratitude & Owning It

Our achievements are due to the opportunities given to us by others. It is our responsibility to grasp those opportunities, turn them into impact through our own effort and persistence, and pay it forward.

Kindness & Responsibility

Kindness matters and is a character strength, not a weakness. Kindness is powerful when combined with high expectations and standards for ourselves and others.

Be a high-performing, great place for all to work.