Case Study: Increasing Pay and Career Transparency

How can we enhance visibility into career and pay growth opportunities to empower more strategic, informed talent development decisions?    

At a Glance 

Professional Services Firm

Increase clarity about pay and career processes and opportunities

Consulting Project

The Opportunity 

A professional services firm wanted to update its rewards program in response to direct feedback from employees, DEI initiatives, pay transparency regulations, and general industry shifts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted to provide all levels of the organization with more information about how pay and career decisions were made and to support strategic conversations and decisions around talent development and growth. 

The company wanted to provide all levels of the organization with more information about how pay and career decisions were made.

The Solution 

Paradox worked as a collaborative member of the client team to review and reimagine foundational processes, tools and communication used to guide pay and career growth across the company. The work began by analyzing employee survey results and conducting focus groups to understand strengths and opportunities for the company’s career and pay programs relative to business goals, growth plans, and talent strategy 

Based on this data, we set objectives and priorities for the solution design. Solutions included redesign of processes, tools, structures, and information-sharing related to career and pay growth. We applied principles from our Paradox Equitable Process Framework™ to inform the redesign. 

Some highlights from our work included: 

  • Developed Total Rewards Philosophy and updated competitive market data 
  • Coordinated with business units to update job classifications 
  • Created a set of core principles to govern career growth at the organization 
  • Revamped a tool used to share core competencies, skillsets and training opportunities available across all career levels 
  • Developed and administered trainings for managers and employees on conversations surrounding pay & career growth 
  • Expanded the array of tools & resources used by leadership, people managers, and HR for pay administration 
  • Provided clear, scheduled communication cadence for HR to share company-wide updates on the program updates 

The Impact

The core of this project was to clarify, inform, and open up communication at all levels, which led to increased trust and understanding, more strategic decision-making, more equitable access to opportunities, and more ownership for outcomes.  

  • Employees were better equipped with resources to understand how to progress their career and seek varied opportunities both vertically and horizontally within the business. 
  • Managers were better equipped to have productive development conversations with their people and to support their career goals. 
  • Leaders were better equipped to have strategic conversations with their teams and to make more informed business decisions. 

“You not only met my expectations but exceeded them. Your work will continue to influence our decisions, no doubt resulting in an even stronger company that better serves both our colleagues and our clients.”

– CEO at Client Organization