Case Study: Developing a Strategic Plan

How can we transform long-term strategic thinking into actionable goals and tactics?    

At a Glance 

Private Equity Firm

Develop a 3-year strategic plan that aligns with long-term vision

Team Facilitation

The Opportunity 

A private equity firm finished laying the foundations for its long-term strategic vision. The company owned stakes in several portfolio companies across multiple industries and was seeking to build more partnerships. A 3-year strategic plan would be a vital resource for building this vision and guiding conversations with any potential acquisition partners. The strategic planning process needed to take an inclusive, straightforward approach to gathering input and drafting the plan without overwhelming the small team. 

The firm needed an inclusive, straightforward approach to gathering input and drafting the strategic plan without overwhelming the small team.

The Solution 

We began by creating a detailed account of the company’s culture, current positioning, and strategic priorities for the next three years. This was accomplished through a series of 20 stakeholder interviews with team members, board members, portfolio companies, and external advisors. We then shared the themes and insights from these interviews in a consolidated presentation to the company’s team. 

Next, we facilitated a two-day strategic planning offsite for the team. The off-site was formatted for guided group discussions for idea sharing, providing feedback, and tapping into the team’s collaborative nature. In all, the team created defining statements for each focus area, identified goals and tactics, and set prioritization. 

From the offsite, we synthesized everyone’s feedback to create a finalized strategic plan, which we presented to the team for them to begin implementation. Specific team members were assigned to strategic focus areas for continued accountability. We also provided a process, structure, and tracking tool for the team to manage and monitor progress. 

The Impact

Coming into the process, the team had expressed their desire to dedicate more time to consistent, deep work. The strategic planning process, especially the offsite, provided an opportunity to rethink and incorporate the process into their day-to-day workloads. Not to mention, they had the additional benefit of establishing more spaces for cross-functional work and teams.  

Also, this was the company’s first time gathering strategic plan input from their portfolio companies. This shift in the process has allowed them to better support the current needs of their portfolio companies and share clearer direction on future strategic initiatives. 

“The Paradox team really listened to our group, and it was apparent by the information presented to us at the offsite that they spent a lot of time planning. Then, how they took the information from our offsite and put it into an orderly updated plan was impressive.”

– CEO at Client Organization