Case Study: Developing a Global DEI Strategy

How can we engage varied roles and locations at a global company in creating a DEI strategy that is relevant and impactful? 

At a Glance 

Global Logistics Company

Develop a company-wide DEI strategy

Consulting Project

The Opportunity 

A fast-growth global company wanted a DEI strategy that would provide direction and shape culture, as the company scaled and attracted investment. It was important that the strategy was not American-centric and engaged employees and offices in APAC and EMEA, while also addressing American needs and opportunities. 

The company wanted a DEI strategy that would provide direction and shape culture.

The Solution 

In collaboration with Cockerham & Associates, we began by conducting interviews and focus groups to connect the strategy to business goals and understand areas of strength, growth, and impact for the organization. We also conducted an employee pulse survey globally and workforce analysis (focused on North American locations). After identifying themes and areas of focus for the strategy, we organized and facilitated virtual design sessions to build out the elements of strategy under each focus area. Design session participants included representatives from company locations around the world. 

The Impact

Working session participants were fully engaged in the process and took ownership for the strategy. They presented it to executive leadership as their own recommendation (instead of “the consultant’s recommendation”), which supported leadership’s full adoption of the strategy. The company was able to deliver perspective on DEI that resonated globally with an implementation structure that enabled local activity and initiatives. Overall company culture, customer and marketing strategy, and talent development programs were all enhanced from the process. 

“Your leadership and guidance through this process has been so important, and I believe it’s going to lead to some much needed progress.”

– Function Leader at Client Organization