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Paradox Consulting Partners is a management consulting company that aligns talent strategy with business strategy to create high-performing, great places for all to work.


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Our Insights

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Solve Turnover: A Human-Centered Approach

The percent of workers voluntarily quitting their jobs rose starkly in 2021 and many experts expect to see this trend continue as we move past the pandemic and into a new normal. There is no one magic bullet to preventing employee turnover, but we think treating people as humans comes pretty close. When was the…

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Lead Innovation with Structure and Process

There is so much potential for innovation right now. Every market and industry experienced some disruption in the past years, and people have been exposed to new ways of working, new ways of thinking, and new ways of living. How can you make sure your organization is leading innovation and not chasing your competitors from…

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Embed DEI with Equitable Process Design

Many organizations want to get to a place where diversity, equity, and inclusion is no longer a separate initiative because it is so embedded into who they are and how they operate that you can’t parcel it out. The only way to have a chance at getting there is to design processes and systems throughout…

Our Clients

“Thanks for your leadership and providing guidance to me and the team…this level of thinking and input is exactly what I’d hoped our engagement would look like.”
— CEO, Healthcare industry

“Responsive, professional and flexible…with clients who were at different levels of need and different stages of change.”
— Human Resources, Global Nonprofit

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