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Paradox Consulting Partners is a management consulting company that aligns talent strategy with business strategy to create high-performing, great places for all to work.


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Our Insights

Productive Teams Know What Good Looks Like

Companies have a renewed focus on productivity right now, and, at the same time, so much about how we work, where we work, and our relationship with work has changed over the past few years. We noticed leaders and managers were struggling to articulate what productive looks like for their teams, which led us to…

5 Steps to Creating a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Crafting a strategic plan is like charting a course for your organization’s future success. It’s a roadmap that guides decision-making, resource allocation, and goal achievement. The strategic planning process involves defining where the business is headed (vision), how it’s going to get there (strategy), and the actions, decisions, and resources (strategic plan) that will make…

Career Conversations: The Missing Piece in Your Talent Management Cycle

A typical talent or performance cycle begins by setting goals and expectations. Then development, evaluation, and rewards are all tied to to those goals and expectations. But what if the individual’s goals are completely misaligned with the goals the manager has for them? A true lack of engagement and motivation sets in. This is a…

Our Clients

“Thanks for your leadership and providing guidance to me and the team…this level of thinking and input is exactly what I’d hoped our engagement would look like.”
— CEO, Healthcare industry

“Responsive, professional and flexible…with clients who were at different levels of need and different stages of change.”
— Human Resources, Global Nonprofit

Be a high-performing, great place for all to work.